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YEF Atlanta First Week Evangelism Ended in Full of Hope and Grace

Jan 19, 2019 07:26 PM +08

As starting the new semester on January 14th, YEF Atlanta leaders and members participated in table evangelism for one week at Georgia State University.

The YEF GSU Vice President, Anu, shared: "It was a very blessed time to see us out there again. It was so refreshing to walk out of class and see our ministers and members out there spreading the Word. I also feel like we were blessed because we were able to receive the contacts that we did. Whether it be group bible study or individual, I hope those that are spiritually hungry or sick would find the Lord through us."

The total contacts the have received was 50 plus, however like they expressed before, quality over quantity. They will follow up and invite them for YEF activities.

They hope that through this beginning week's evangelism, that they can continue evangelism throughout the semester and will bring many potential leaders, wanting to give their lives to Christ.